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Based in Seattle, Indreams Studios is an independent game developer focused on producing high quality and enjoyable games. We created Minecart Madness, and are currently working on a new project in Unity3D.

 Justin Dallal

Originally from Michigan, Justin moved to Seattle in search of greener pastures and hoppier beers. When not developing games, he enjoys playing guitar, playing StarCraft, and brewing beer. Justin helps with game design, programming, and testing.

 Steve Karolewics

After growing up and attending college in Pennsylvania, Steve moved to Seattle. In addition to game development, he brews beer, goes snowboarding, and takes care of his beagle, Luke. Steve also focuses on game design, programming, and testing.


Current Affiliates

mike Michael “Cash” Cacciamani

After living in LA, Michael moved to Vancouver, BC to work for Pixar Canada as a Lighting Technical Artist. He has worked on Pixar short films released worldwide. Aside from film, Michael enjoys digital music production, playing games, and spending time with friends and a good drink. Michael is the creative director for our current project.


Past Affiliates

Creating a game is a complex process. Our thanks go to the following people for their help with our past projects:

Matthew Pablo – created the background music for Minecart Madness

Jameson Wilkins – created the art for Minecart Madness

SoundRangers – provided the sound effects for Minecart Madness